EFT Couples Therapy

What It Is

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is based on scientific evidence that humans are biologically wired for connection. The security of feeling connected protects us from the slings and arrows of life's unpredictable and sometimes chaotic moments. Most of the distress suffered in our primary relationships result from our unmet primal need for secure attachment.

Dr. Sue Johnson is responsible for developing a roadmap for restoring and repairing the primary bond between intimate partners. Studies show the amazing success rate of over 70% for couples using this therapy. With a  typical turn around rate of 8 – 20 sessions, EFT offers a significantly quicker and higher success rate than other forms of couples’ therapy. 

Why It Works

EFT addresses the deeper issues of human nature that only begin to surface through day-to-day issues in relationship with others. EFT acknowledges that you are not the problem...  nor is your partner.  EFT demonstrates how “the cycle” of fighting, nagging, distancing, etc. takes on a life of its own. Once the cycle is revealed and understood, it can be dismantled and replaced with a better operating system. EFT effectively creates safe and lasting bonds that alter the structure of a relationship.

Let's work together towards creating the security you both deserve!

You Have What It Takes